Christmas Treats for Cats and Dogs

With naturally delicious ingredients, these extravaganza dishes and treats will be the star of the Christmas dinner show for cats and dogs. Made with freshly prepared ingredients, it’s guaranteed to get rave reviews from your furry family member.

Advent Calendar for Cats

Every year the enchanting fairy cat grants their fellow felines a Christmas wish. It is after all, their favourite time of year. And what would the wish be? Deliciously crunchy pillows filled with salmon and chicken of course! What else would feline wishes be made of?

Festive Salmon Nibbles
With a soft centre and crunchy shell, these treats are naturally delicious and made with freshly prepared salmon and chicken liver.

Cracking Chicken Nibbles
Delectable treats made with fresh chicken. These are delicious delights for twinkly eyed Christmas cats.

Advent Calendar for Dogs

Every year, a sweet little drummer dog excitedly counts down to Christmas with a beat of a drum.

Each drumroll welcoming the festivities, the feasts, the opening of presents and wet-nose kisses under the mistletoe. After they put their drumsticks away each morning, the little drummer dog tucks into a special festive treat.

A selection of three delicious biscuits made with the finest ingredients. If you’re very quiet, in the early hours you can hear the little drummer dog’s drumroll (although perhaps not over all the biscuit crunching).

Cheese & Apple Training Treats – A troupe of mini organic bone-shaped biscuits, made with organic apples and farmhouse cheddar.

Rise & Shines – Flower-shaped treats made with beef liver, fresh carrots, blackstrap molasses and alfalfa to help keep your dog’s coat as shiny as a Christmas bauble.

Bedtime Biscuits – Blissful bedtime treats, made with honey, yoghurt, chamomile and passion flowers to help soothe your dog on those exciting nights before Christmas Day

Christmas Dog Treats in Tin 300g

When you’re digging through your Christmas biscuit selection for the fifth time, why not let your dog tuck into their own treats tin?

Show us one woofer who wouldn’t want to rummage through a meaty selection of delicious bites! This is the gift that’s sure to make your dog’s wagging tail reach a new speed and make all their Christmas dreams come true. The tin makes a beautiful (and useful) keepsake for you too, so gifts all round!

This tin includes:
Festive Turkey Jerky
Scrumptious Duck & Venison Sausages
Best Ever Beef Mini Burgers

Christmas Turkey Jerky for Dogs

Who said turkey is just for humans at Christmas? No dog we’ve ever met.

Let your woofer join in the festive feast with our delicious Festive Turkey Jerky made with proper meat, for a proper treat. These tempting grain-free recipes are made with natural ingredients and without any added nasties – so your furry family can enjoy them throughout the festivities.

Three Bird Feast Dog Food

Christmas dinner. It’s really THE dinner of the year isn’t it? And not just for us two-legged folk.
We have it on good authority that dogs count down to this festive feasting every year. So we’ve made something extra special… A spectacular three bird feast with all the trimmings.

Freshly prepared turkey, duck and goose with seasonal parsnips and cranberries of course. After all, dogs are family. They deserve to be served up a showstopping dinner at this time of year.