The Country Candle Company

Handcrafted high quality candles, diffusers and wax melts.
Vegan, GMO free and Palm Oil free products.

About The Country Candle Company

Built on a passion for home fragrance, The Country Candle Company has always been about beautifully British products. Just a candle’s throw from the Cotswolds, they hand pour all of their candles, reed diffusers and wax melts in the charming little town of Corsham in Wiltshire.

After a change of ownership in 2015, they have been very busy building their new brand identity and refining what they offer to provide you with exceptional quality products with a unique take on home fragrance.

All of their products are vegan, GMO free, palm oil free and made in the UK. Staff are paid above living wage so you can be sure their products are ethically manufactured. As well as this, the containers and packaging are recyclable so you can help them to look after the environment.

Aroma Burn Times


40 hours burn time
These gorgeous candles create a soothing, crackling sound as they burn, perfect for relaxing in the bath or snuggling up by the fire.


Lasts around 3-4 months
Our most luxurious reed diffusers make gorgeous home decor whilst scenting your home beautifully at the same time.


50 – 55 hours burn time
Can be found across many of our collections in different designs, these popular glass candles are perfect for medium sized rooms.


Lasts around 2-3 months
Great for any room in the house. Try placing one near your front door for a welcoming scent when you come home.


20 hours burn time
Perfect for smaller rooms, these little glass candles go a long way.


30 hours burn time
These are our most popular candles, which are great for medium sized rooms.


60 hours aroma time
Our wax melts can easily fill a large room with beautiful fragrance. Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.



Exuding glamour and luxury, Wonderwick London is our most refined collection. With elegant glass candles producing a soothing crackle as they burn thanks to a stylish wooden wick, and coordinating reed diffusers filling your home with sumptuous scent as the highly developed fragrance is thrown further for months, it’s a classy collection you’ll surely fall in love with!
With an extensive redesign and upgrade of the packaging, complimented with a brand new on-trend colourway, the collection now boasts 10 complex, yet beautiful fragrances cleverly coordinated across Noir, Blanc, Mauve, and Marine.


Drawing real inspiration from our English heritage, the glasshouse became an iconic feature of gardens across the nation during the Victorian era. As the Victorian’s love of gardening grew, the variety of florals and botanicals did too! Let these scents take you on a journey through exquisite flower gardens, the escapism of country walks, and the alluring aroma of beautifully British glasshouses.
Storytelling through an array of elegant, hand llustrated watercolour florals, explore, relax, and unwind with these sophisticated aromas and nature inspired fusions.


Successfully becoming our bestselling range, the Pastels Collection has evolved to form our signature look. Inspired by a renowned British home interiors paint company, a timeless and elegant selection of 18 muted pastel shades will compliment any interior design, whilst the beautifully natural, down to earth scents will fragrance a home with uplifting aromas for months. There’s also a little somet hing extra which offers a difference from regular home fragrance gifts, every product in the Pastels Collection is lovingly hand finished with delicate petals and toppings!

The Enchanted Woodland

As the season approaches. glistening snowflakes begin to fall as Dickensian fireside tales are told whilst sipping warming mulled wine, creating magical memories. As the aromas of sugar and spice, and all things nice dreamily drift through, fresh footprints are made in the dappled moonlit snow. Wait, there’s some- thing special under the tree, what could it be? Just wait till the morning and you will see!
Our onderfully whimsical Enchanted Woodland Collection encapsulates the very essence of Christmas. Captivating the memories and moments made at this special time of the year, told through a harmonious linking of nostalgical shades and patterns. Let your imagination and senses flow with our collection of 6 fabulously festive fragrances.


Our Alphabet Collection makes an ideal personalised gift as single letters or combined to spell names, words and messages. Fragranced with sweet Rosewood these delightful candles are available in a small votive glass or a large glass.

Nordic Charm

Our Nordic Charm Collection is our luxury winter range created in collaboration with Emma Wednesday Designs. On-trend Folklore inspired designs featuring foxes, polar bears and deer are paired with our favourite Christmas fragrances. These trendy goodies make popular gifts and gorgeous winter decor!

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