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About the Brand

AdaWall has been designing and producing wallpapers in Turkey for over 7 years. These wallcoverings are designed for intensive use in interior decoration. AdaWall takes place in the sector with all the international qualification documents. It has unique design approach, advance production technology, world class packaging shipments and understanding to provide after sales customer satisfaction in the real sense. Harmony between craftsmanship that creates lasting value and advanced technology that reproduces every detail and this is AdaWall’s product philosophy for creating the finest wallpaper.

See it on your wall!

To make things easier for you to settle on one of the beautiful designs, AdaWall have a feature you can use on their website where you can upload your own photo to create a mock up of your space. Simply visit their website and click on ‘See it on your wall’ from their menu.

Anka Collection

Design inspired by natural materials and the beautiful things and motives in the world around us. You can find both minimalistic backgrounds and very bold patterns in this catalog. Some of which give a stunning 3D effect and can bring an exceptional designer element to your interiors with modern and contemporary style.

Anka wallpaper collection is the first catalog fully developed and produced by AdaWall, but it was coming from a renewed company with years of experience in wallpaper business, with a good knowledge of what is needed on the market and trying to deliver it at the highest quality. This was what made ANKA wallpaper catalog a long-lasting success. Its designs only grow in popularity as the company makes its way on more markets of wallpaper, wallcoverings and interior decoration around the world.

Gordion Collection

This wallpaper collection is all about the refined all-time favorite classic patterns and pleasant and peaceful floral patterns that have stood the test of time. The wallcovering designs from GORDION catalog will inspire you to a whole new form of classical and neoclassical decoration style of your living or commercial space.

The contemporary damask wallpaper from Gordion catalog is able to transform a room to a luxurious classical interior giving the impression of aristocracy and sophistication. It is a great living room, dining room and bedroom wallpaper, because they create an elegant look and achieve a very rich atmosphere. On the other hand, you can tend to the more romantic floral scenes, peaceful and cozy, that make a perfect match for you bedroom or child’s room.

Alfa Collection

The inspiration for the ALFA wallpaper collection by AdaWall comes from the ideas and abstract concepts that we tried to give a visual definition. The sensations that comes from leadership and confidence, strength and calmness, simplicity and depth, balanced color tones of the nature are imprinted in the subtle patterns of the wallcovering from this catalog. Textile inspired and sprided wallpaper for the balances and minimalistic interior design that is not at all plain, but gorgeous in its simplicity.

Indigo Collection

This beautiful, bold, colorful catalog contains modern patterns, unique designs of geometric shapes and attractive poster models. Palm trees patterns and marble inspired textures have also made their way into this wallpaper collection. The nature themed designs gives it the unique refreshing visual effect that is so popular today. The wallpapers in this catalog are very different from each other, but they meet wonderfully in the common point of being and extraordinary for unique interior design with a special aura.

Kalinka Collection

Blooming flowers inspiration, delicate and rich classical ornaments of a cozy and well established home and living space – this is the kind of wallcoverings that are contained in the KALINKA catalog of Adawall Wallpaper Factory. The inspiration is, of course, the russian decorative art, goblen style and its fabric texture.

“Kalinka” is admitted as one of the symbols of Russia and Russian art, because it’s one of the most popular songs of the country and it’s worldwide known. We hope that this collection of wallpapers will follow the glory of this song and help you create joyful and very elegant interior designs that are charming and memorable.

Rumi Collection

A beautiful combination of the classical and oriental design for wallcovering is presented by AdaWall in its RUMI Vol. 1 collection. Elegance, style and rich patterns that give a pleasant vibrant sensation to you interior design. In the “Rumi” catalogue, you will see patterns which are inspired by the ideas of Sufism and Masnavi, the colors which are soft and pleasant, the textures that have marks from Anatolia region. All this will make you love the inner feeling that the interiors with this wallpapers create.

Seven Collection

The simple, yet mysterious name of SEVEN. The number is significant not only because this catalogue comes out as the seventh catalogue of the company, but also because of the deep, esotherical and magical meaning of the number 7 that people around the world and throughout history gave to this number. For us, it was an intriguing inspiration for the wallpaper and wallcovering designs and ornaments of this collection, that resulted in the creation of patterns that are as balanced, sophisticated, detailed, calm and somehow mysterious. The harmony of world and nature motifs and geometrical ornaments, a union of plain soft modern patterns with classical elements, you can find how delightful and balanced all this are met in SEVEN, the 2018 collection of wallpaper by Adawall.

Adakids Collection

Who did not love animation movies in their childhood? Children give to their favorite cartoon characters a places in their daily lives because the meaning of these cartoon figures are strong in their imagination. Therefore, we thought to do something for children who become happier when they include these characters more in their lives and we decided give a fresh and fun touch to their rooms, in other words their own worlds, through our special edition of wallpapers for kids.

Tropicano Collection

The forests with tropical climate open a door to mankind with endless beauty waiting to be discovered. In these virgin forests, there are tightly spaced green trees stretching to the sky, the plants in calm water beds that we hear softly and different species of animals, plants and fruits that we have never seen before. These forests have a completely different charm that draws people into themselves as you approach them.

Signature Collection

Signature with antique, colorful, grand, yet elegant, bold, and stylish patterns. A delicate design can give you the elegance and luxury of a medieval European imperial family. From soft texture and delicate luster to luxuriousness, it can cover old sentiments, allowing one to feel moderate and feminine beauty. We consider, among other things, the value of a brand that has been faithful to history and tradition. With jewels that won’t change no matter how much time goes by. This royal place and classical ornament, both walls and artistic objects, it will improve the dignity of your space.

Beta Collection

“Beta” collection which will break a new ground on the minimalist design is somehow a proof for striking simplicity of modern art and glamorous deepness of sophisticated elegance. “Beta” is designed as the second vol of Alfa collection series that consolidates AdaWalls’ position at the peak by offering you a very special design series.

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