Changing the way pots look
and the way you look at pots

About the Brand

“At Artevasi we are passionate about plants and taking good care of them is a mission we try to accomplish every single day. We consider that plants are the beauty of the world so we have a bunch of great ideas to, not only give them the life conditions they deserve but also make them look more beautiful day after day.”

Plastic Collection

Wide range of nature friendly inspiration for plant care.

Ceramic Collection

Unique collection of ideas to grow lovely plants

Decorative Metal Stands

Ideas that grow higher in perfect harmony between pot, plant and space.

Traditional Terracotta

Made with resistant material, 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

Pots are an infinite source of inspiration,

a starting point to create life inside and outside of it.

more awareness | less impact

One pot can be used over and over and still look good and functional. But it can also be recycled, give life to a new one and restart the cycle.

Our pots are 100% recyclable.
Although, we believe they don’t need to be recycled because they are highly resistant and practically unbreakable. They will last for many years!

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