Lily’s Kitchen – Advent Calendar for Cats


Purrs by the fireplace. Misplaced baubles. Eyes peeping out from under the tree.

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Let’s face it, it’s not Christmas without your furry family. Which is why we’ve created a festive feline advent calendar. Now they can join in with all the festivities with you.

Your lucky kitty gets a daily treat in the countdown to Christmas – deliciously crunchy pillows filled with salmon and chicken. Trust us when we say these treats will get them up from their hourly cat nap.

Festive Salmon Nibbles
With a soft centre and crunchy shell, these treats are naturally delicious and made with freshly prepared salmon and chicken liver.

Cracking Chicken Nibbles
Delectable treats made with fresh chicken. These are delicious delights for twinkly eyed Christmas cats.

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