Wissant Black Coffee Table With Tray D46

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Powder coated (polyester) steel for outdoor use (e-coating), with matt finishing. Removable top and folding legs.

Product Size Ø46a – 52h

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This product is intended for domestic use only.
Powder coated (polyester) steel for outdoor use (e-coating).
Do not stand on the item.
The singular chair is intended for the use of one person only.

Cases of wear, rust, distortion and discoloration of all the components of the product which is directly exposed to atmospheric agents, handling and/or daily use, are to be considered as normal and therefore, under no circumstances will they be evaluated as manufacturing defects as such because associated with the normal conditions of use of the item.

The metal frame is easy to clean: use a damp and soft cloth. For the most persistent stains, a small amount of mild liquid soap diluted in water may be used. Always dry with a soft cloth after cleaning. Never use aggressive detergents. Never use abrasive sponges that may scratch the surfaces.

It is advisable to store the product in a dry and ventilated place before winter or during the long periods it is not in use, in order to preserve its characteristics over time.
We reject all responsibility for damages -including subsequent damage- caused by incorrect assembly or different from the instructions provided, or caused by different and improper use from that which the product is intended.

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Dimensions 46 × 46 cm

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