Westland Rose Food Enriched Horse Manure 3kg

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Enriched with horse manure and plant stimulants

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Westland Rose Food gives your roses the key nutrients they need to flourish and produce a fantastic show of beautiful blooms. Added horse manure helps to improve soil structure and reduce compaction. It enhances the ability of the soil to hold onto moisture and nutrients, encouraging beneficial organisms such as earthworms and friendly bacteria to thrive.

This fertiliser can be used for new roses, established and more mature roses, and even other plants like garden shrubs and fruit trees.

Key Information:

NPK 4-3.5-7
High potassium content encourages bigger and more beautiful blooms to develop
Essential trace elements and the balance of nutrients keep roses healthy and help prevent disease
Enriches and conditions soil
Advice & Tips:

Wear gloves and wash hands and exposed skin after use
Store pack in a cool, dry, frost free place out of reach of children and pets
Always read instructions on the packaging and do not exceed the recommended application rates

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