Orange Band Seeds Zucchini Goldena


Goldena is a slightly branching shrub plant. The leaf is medium green with yellow marbling. The young fruit is light to medium yellow and slightly shiny. The fully developed fruit is light to medium orange. Harvest regularly, don’t let the zucchini get too thick. Gives a high yield of fruits all summer long.

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Sow: in the period May to mid-June in a seedbed in the open ground. Plant out in June. You can also grow plants indoors earlier in a seed tray and plant them out in June as well. Plant in lines or rows with a spacing of 125 cm. As a rule, keep a distance of 60 cm. Keep the soil moist during cultivation. Preferably do not pour on the leaf.
Harvest: from July to September.

Product Features

Produces an abundance of fruits
The taste is mild and sweet
The flesh is light white in color


Sowing time outdoors from: May
Sowing time outdoors until: June
Harvest time from: July
Harvest time until: September

Botanical name: Cucurbita pepo
Content: approx. 2 grams
Dimensions in cm: 12.7×7.9×0.05

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