Neem Oil

From 22.2048.40

Available in 250ml and 1L

Neem oil, obtained from the fruits and seeds of the Neem tree (Azadirachta Indaca), is a cold-pressed concentrate, soluble in water and used for various beneficial purposes. The processing methods are crucial to enhance the characteristics of the product which also lends itself to being associated with fertilization as it slows down the volatilization of nitrogen. Adjuvant for plants and fertilizers.



Concentrated liquid

Ideal Against

Lepidoptera, Fruit flies, Tomato moth, Ants, Bedbugs, Colorado beetle

Period of Use

From March till September

Doses & Directions of Use

Prepare the solution by mixing 5-15 mL of Neem Oil in a liter of water and distribute evenly on the plants, preferably in the evening or early in the morning, avoiding direct sunlight. Apply every 7-10 days and, if necessary, increase the frequency. Use in the vegetative phase until flowering, it is recommended to suspend the treatments at least 2 days before harvest. For the treatment of fertilizers, add 5 mL of product per kg of fertilizer and mix carefully before fertilizing.


100% natural for non-food use

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