Mini Champ Home Growing White Mushrooms

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These grow kits will allow you to grow your mushrooms at home in a simple and practical way. Approximately 3 to 5 crops are possible.

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Growing your own mushrooms is now a piece of cake with our Mini Champ Home Growing Kit. The same variety as you normally find in stores, but now fresh from your own kitchen. The kit contains natural compost and the necessary covering soil, everything you need to grow your own mushrooms and pick them fresh whenever you want.

The white mushroom has a mild aroma and goes perfectly with fish, meat, poultry and almost all types of vegetables. You can even use it raw in a salad for a surprising twist.

To enjoy your mini mushrooms, gently clean them with a brush or damp paper towel. Cut off the bottom part of the stem and cut into slices or quarters. Avoid rinsing under running water to prevent loss of taste. This way you can optimally enjoy the pure mushroom taste.

From now on you can simply pick your own mushrooms, fresh and full of flavour, straight from your own kitchen.

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