Hydro Plant KitStylish, self-watering plant pot

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Modern styled herb cultivation set with irrigation system.

Comes with parsley seeds.

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You love growing herbs on the windowsill at home and as an indoor gardener appreciates functional and sustainable design objects. Then give yourself the Hydro Plant Kit! The Hydro Plant Kit cultivation set consists of a cylindrical glass vase and a plant insert. It is also equipped with a compressed substrate made from renewable coconut fibres, parsley seeds and an irrigation wick.

The technical details at a glance

🔍 Cylindrical glass vase 14.5 x 8 cm
🔍 Reed green plant liner 9 cm
🔍 Irrigation wick
🔍 Compressed cultivation substrate made from renewable coconut fibers
🔍 Seeds for parsley
🔍 Food safe
🔍 100% recyclable
🔍 Designed and Made in Germany

Sowing in the 100% recyclable Hydro Plant Kit is easy. First, the pressed coconut fibers are swollen in water. While the substrate expands, thread the watering wick through the two openings in the bottom of the food-safe plant liner. Then the loose, moist coconut fiber substrate is filled into the plant liner and the parsley seeds are sown. Finally, pour around three quarters of a liter of water into the 14.5 cm high, stylish glass vase and place the pretty reed-green plant liner and watering wick on the edge of the glass vase. The irrigation wick optimally supplies the seeds and plants with water from sowing to harvest. It is practical that you can see immediately when the water level is too low even when walking past. The water in the vase should be changed once a week. For further sowing like basil. You simply fill coriander or chives into a new substrate made of coconut fibers in the plant liner of the Hydro Plant Kit.


Ideal for growing:

Window herbs:
🌱 basil
🌱 coriander
🌱 parsley
🌱 chives
and much more

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