Eggfood for Birds

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Egg paste indicated for small species of the genera: Nymphicus, Agapornis, Pyrrhura, Neophema, Melopsittacus


Indications and Recommendations

Breeding paste indicated for small species such as nymphs, lovebirds, parrots, parakeets …
Contains a high percentage of dehydrated egg.
Designed to be supplied directly dry or mixed with hydrated Microspheres, as a complement to the diet of couples with chicks.
Due to its high nutritional concentration, it allows the rapid growth and fledging of the chicks.

Target Species

Lovebird , Cockatoo Galah , Cotorra of the Sun , Forpus , Kakarikis , Neophemas , Nymphs , Periquito Wavy , Pyrrhura , Rosellas

Physiological State

In growth , In reproduction

Analytical Components

Crude protein 22.0%, Crude fat 15.0%, Crude fiber 3.5%, Crude ash 4.9%

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