Beeztees Birdcage Sonia 3 With Big Door – Black

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Dimensions: 54x34x75 cm
Distance between the bars: 16 mm – Thickness bars horizontal: 1.6 mm – Thickness bars vertical: 3 mm

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A birdcage with everything included, that’s the Beeztees Sonia 3 Birdcage with big door. The large door ensures that the birdcage is also suitable for large birds. This cage has three perches and/or two water and food bowls. As soon as you open the door, a perch will also be folded out. This gives your bird a little more freedom to enjoy the surroundings. The extra elevation at the top of the cage provides even more space for your bird. Easy to clean through the drawer at the bottom.

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Dimensions 54 × 34 × 75 cm

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