Buzzy® Sweet Basil, Large Leaved Seeds

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Sow May till july in a seedbeds in open ground and transplant after 4 weeks; or place directly in pots and thin out slightly. The leaves can be used fresh and dried; store them well after drying.

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Product Features

Herbs from the Mediterranean area
Leaves can be used fresh or dried
Can be grown indoors or outdoors


Application in pot: Yes
Sow open ground: Yes
Location light: Sunny
Height: 60 cm


Sowing time indoors from: May
Sowing time indoors until: July
Sowing time outdoors from: June
Sowing time outdoors until: August
Harvest time from: July
Harvest time until: September

Advice and tips

Sowing advice: in jars in a warm place
Care advice: keeps soil sufficiently moist
Harvest advice: the lower leaves and young tops

Seed Characteristics

Seeds per gram: 600

Botanical name: Ocimum basilicum
Content: approx. 1.5 grams
Dimensions in cm: 15.24×10.5×0.05

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