Baby Bio Outdoor Flowers & Shrubs Plant Food 750ml

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Baby Bio Outdoor Flowers & Shrubs Plant Food is concentrated liquid feed in a handy 750ml resealable bottle, for all garden flowers and shrubs.

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The 750ml bottle of Baby Bio Outdoor Flowers & Shrubs Plant Food is a great all round liquid concentrate feed for flowers and shrubs in your garden or allotment.

Ideal for use in beds, borders, pots and hanging baskets.

Enjoy up to seventy percent more flowers (than if you were not feeding) and enjoy more vibrant displays using this special plant food formula. This plant food includes key nutrients for plants to flourish. Potash boosts growth for healthy big blooms and bio-stimulants aid nutrient uptake.

Easy to use, simply shake well before use. Use the measure cap provided to dilute approximately ten millilitres to every litre (two pints) of water. We recommend watering around the base of plants every two weeks or whilst the plant is active and try to avoid contact with leaves where possible. Continue with normal watering in between feeds.

We think this bottle is fantastic value for money and makes up to seventy five litres of feed, which can be diluted using water from taps or water butts.

750ml flowers & shrub plant feed
Liquid concentrate – dilute with water
Makes up to 75 litres of feed + water
Enjoy up to 70% more flowers
Use all year round or whilst plant is growing
Supports healthy green leaves and vibrant flowers
Suitable for outdoor use

NPK 5.5-5-7.5

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