Keeping Your Pets Cool This Summer

Most of us treat our pets as family members. Our pets are our companions. They become part of our lives and now more than ever, we are including them in our everyday life. Shopping with your dog is also  becoming a trend. Some shops, like Sherries Estates, allow pets inside. For many owners this is a nice experience.

Summer in Malta is known to become very hot, and it can even reach temperatures as high as 40°C. As humans we compensate by drinking water, keeping cool indoors and going to the beach. Pets also need to cool down their body temperature during these hot summer months.



If dogs become too hot and are unable to compensate their adequate body temperature by panting, they will develop heatstroke which can be very dangerous. Some dogs are more prone to heatstroke. These include very old or young dogs, dogs with thick, heavy coats or ones such as pugs and bulldogs. Many of these breeds have ‘brachycephalic’ skull with a shortened head, flat face and short nose.

There are a lot of things you can do to help your dog keep cool this summer. Firstly, let’s talk about what can be done to cool your dog’s body temperature.

• Do not leave your pet in the car when it is hot. This can be very dangerous since a car can absorb heat faster. This can lead to your pet getting a heat stroke.

• Some dogs love swimming. Taking your dog to a dog friendly beach might help your dog mentally and physically. Your dog might not like to swim at the beach and instead prefers to “play” with water. Most dogs enjoy playing in shallow water and cooling down in a dog pool might just be the perfect option for them. If your dog loves swimming, you may still spoil him or her with a dog pool or a water fountain !


• Carry fresh water for your dog when going out for a long journey. There are portable drinking dispensers available on our website.

• There are also cooling bandanas to help your dog cool down.

• If you  own a fluffy dog, then investing a cooling mat might be very useful. Big dogs especially will find this very beneficial.

• Make sure that you dog has constant access to fresh water that must be changed frequently. Ideally your pet’s bowl is placed in the shade. If there is any algae formation, this must be thoroughly cleaned. And if you notice that the water is getting warm, there is also a cooling bowl for your fury friend.

• Finally, since dogs cannot eat ice-cream manufactured for humans, you may share this toy with them!



• Some cats like to play with water. Cat owners may notice their cat playing with water when using the kitchen sink for example.

• A good investment would be a pet water fountain. Most cats love the idea of water constantly being purified and oxygenated. This also encourages them to drink water and keep hydrated. Encouraging your cat to drink water may prevent kidney disease.

• Make sure to keep up to date with grooming, especially with Persians and long haired cat breeds.

• Cats can be very sensitive to loud noises such as fireworks. Using calming spray or a calming collar might help with distress.

• For a fun addition, you can also make ice treats in the form of ice lollies with cat treats.