Health Tips For Your Dog (Vet Approved!)

There are a lot of things that contribute to keeping your dog healthy.

Some examples to think of are:
• Exercising regularly
• Good nutrition that includes good quality pet food (we recommend Lily’s Kitchen!)
• Keeping up to date with regular vet check ups including yearly vaccination boosters
• Building a bond and training your dog
• Grooming your dog

Exercising Regularly

Encourage movement every day by taking your dog out where they can enjoy running, jumping, etc. This is essential to keep your dog physically and mentally fit. This will depend on your dog’s breed and age. In addition to daily walks, active games with the dog also offer a lot of exercise. Some examples that come to mind are fetching a stick or playing a pulling game. We have a wide variety of toys for your dog to play with.

Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential for the dog.  This way you can keep your dog fit and healthy. Our pets deserve to eat proper food that’s full of goodness. Lily’s Kitchen use healthy, nourishing ingredients to make delicious, natural recipes, nutritionally tailored to help keep your four legged friend in the best condition. Our pets are part of the family, so we want to give them the kind of food that we know they’ll love, and will do them the most good.

Keeping Up To Date With Regular Vet Check Ups

This can be done every 6 or 12 months. It is important to deworm your dog every 3-6 months and make sure to keep up to date with your dog’s yearly vaccination boosters. Vaccination is especially important for puppies. This helps to prevent diseases like canine parvo virus which can be very dangerous for your dog.

In addition to deworming and vaccination, remember that fleas and ticks are very common parasites amongst dogs. To prevent this, there are spot on solutions you can apply on your pet’s coat every month to stop these nasty creatures from harming your pet. To make sure that your dog is protected against Leishmaniasis too, we recommend this scalibor collar . Always consult with your vet for the best advice for your pet’s health!

Building A Bond And Training Your Dog

Building a bond with your dog is a gradual process, especially if he or she are a new addition to the family. Your dog will need time in order to feel at ease in your area. Remember there are plenty of helpful dog training videos online, as well as certified dog trainers in Malta and Gozo who can recommend very good tips. There are plenty of useful brain games to stimulate the senses of your dog to make sure that your big friend is actively involved with his brain.

It would be a good idea to invest in a dog clicker to train your dog. See our blog post below!

Clicker Training for Dogs

 Grooming your dog

The brushing or combing of the coat also contributes to building a good bond. In addition, a clean and well-groomed coat is important for the health of your dog in order to prevent skin issues. If your dog is double coated, make sure that you are drying the coat really well after he or she have been in contact with water. A moist coat may cause an imbalance in the normal flora of the skin, that may give rise to unwanted skin infections that sometimes give off a very undesired odour!

We have a range of grooming products including brushes, detangling sprays and shampoos that help you with keeping up with your dog’s coat.