Dog shampoo from Beeztees, the ideal coat care!

Washing your dog can be a chore. Most dogs do not really cooperate, you need to watch out that no soap gets into the eyes or ears and then also make sure that your dog gets thoroughly clean. We can’t make this easier in some situations, but we can make sure that your dog smells fresh for longer and, very importantly, that you can use a dog shampoo that also suits your dog’s coat.

The different types of Beeztees shampoos have been developed for the care of various coat and skin types. With this you can, for example, tackle difficult tangles or ensure that your dog becomes white (or black) again. In addition to the shampoo and conditioner, there are also two sprays in the Beeztees dog shampoo line. With these dry shampoo sprays you can postpone the actual bathing for a while, but your dog will smell clean and fresh!

Dog Wash Day

Beeztees Dog shampoo line

Dry shampoo for dogs

In addition to shampoo and conditioner, Beeztees have also developed a dry shampoo for dogs. With this dry shampoo you can freshen up the dog and let it smell nice after, for example, a walk or an afternoon of playing with friends. The dry shampoo spray is easy to use, spray the coat from a distance of 30 cm and let it work for 2 minutes. Then comb the coat well. Avoid getting the spray in your dog’s eyes and ears.

Beeztees Dry Clean Spray 150ml

Beeztees Tangle Fix Spray 150ml