What to Sow and Plant in October

Are you looking to start a new vegetable garden, but you’re not sure what to sow? Or maybe you’re harvesting the last few vegetables from your last succcess. Here are some veggies you can grow in October.

It is important to note the difference between sowing and planting. Seeds are for sowing, while seedlings are for planting.

Asparagus (Spraġ)

Asparagus can be sowed between August and September, and planted from September to November.

Beets & Chards (Pitravi)

Beetroot and chards are sowed all year round. Seedlings are planted from August to February.

Carrots (Zunnarija)

Carrots are also sowed from January to December in Malta.

Broccoli (Brokkoli), Cabbage (Kaboċċi) and Cauliflower (Pastard)

Broccoli is both sowed and planted from August up to December, while cabage and cauliflower can be cultivated at any time of year. You can find seeds and seedlings in stock here.

Onion (Basal), Garlic (Tewm) and Leeks (Kurrat)

The word Allium is Latin for “garlic.” But the Allium family includes onions and leeks as well. All three of these allium can be sowed in September and October.

Garlic can be sowed all the way to January and Leeks can be sowed even further, up till April.

Lettus (Ħass)

Lettus can also be cultivated all year round. You can check out our stock here.

These are only some of the vegetables you can grow from seeds or seedlings. You can find our full stock on our webshop or visit Sherries Estates in Burmarrad to handpick your seedlings. The shop is open from 9am to 5pm everyday, including weekends and public holidays.