Anthurium In Pot 16cm

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Anthurium andreanum, also known as tail flower, is especially colorful from spring through fall. Anthurium flowers are long-lasting, and newer cultivars will bloom almost year-round.

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Light: Give your plant as much bright light as you can year-round (at least 4 hours of bright light each day), but keep it out of direct sun. A curtain-filtered sunny window is ideal.

Water: Keep soil evenly moist spring through fall, slightly drier in winter. Yellow leaves are often caused by overwatering. Water thoroughly, but don’t allow soil to get soggy.

Humidity: This South American rain forest native craves high humidity year-round. Try to maintain 50% relative humidity or higher.

Temperature: (65-80°F/18-27°C) Anthurium plant prefers steady warm temps, just like we do. Protect it from cold blasts from doorways, windows and A/C vents.

Soil: Peat moss based potting mix with added perlite for good drainage; African violet potting mix is ideal.

Fertilizer: Feed every 2 weeks in spring and summer with a high-phosphorus water-soluble fertilizer.

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