Introducing Gronest Fabric Pots

Gronest is a European manufacturer that sells quality fabric pots, wall planters, pot covers, and other growing accessories. With the “Aqua Breathe” technology their pots air prune the roots, promote more root growth, and prevent root circling. Their fabric containers are made from high-quality materials, which allows the reuse of the grow bags for several seasons.

When it comes to fabric pots, there is no better choice.

Strong Roots

With Gronest we have achieved the optimum in strength durability, aeration and moisture retention in a single product.

Cooler Effect

The Gronest Pots stays cooler than traditional pots through aeration and heat release through the porous fabric.

Aqua Breathe

Gronest company has engineered an advanced fabric growing container using “Aqua Breathe” layer.

In traditional plant pots, the roots will sooner or later grow towards the impenetrable pot wall, and are therefore forced to grow circular. This phenomenon is known as root circling, and weakens the plant in the long term, as it is unable to form a healthy root system.

The Gronest fabric pots have penetrable walls. When the roots grow through them, the roots that are exposed to the air wither in a natural way. The plant then begins to form many delicate, fine roots, and this creates a healthy, well-ramified root system.

The porous fabric ensures sufficient aeration and oxygen supply for the substrate and the roots. This aeration doesn’t only ensure healthy roots, but also encourages helpful microorganisms and bacteria to make a home for themselves in the substrate.

Classic Fabric Pots

Gronest company has engineered a technically advanced fabric growing container using its proprietary “Aqua Breathe” layer. With this highly engineered geotextile, we have achieved the optimum in strength durability, aeration and moisture retention in a single product.

Fabric Wall Pot

Gronest wall planters are designed for flowers, hanging plants and all kinds of herbs for outdoor vertical gardening. It is difficult to over water because the excess water drains through the fabric. Roots do not grow in circles around the pot resulting in a healthier root system and a more vigorous plant.

YBP Fabric Pots

These fabric pots are designed for professional use. The fabric material will help keep the roots stay cooler in hot weather.