Sulphate of Ammonia 1.5Kg

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Improve fruit size and taste by adding the nutritional benefits of Nitrogen.

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Westland Sulphate of Ammonia is a fast acting, Nitrogen based plant fertiliser suitable for a range of fruit and vegetable plants.

This ready to use fertiliser provides a rapid source of nitrogen for a variety of green leafed vegetables, flowers, trees & shrubs. This vegetable feed has very high nitrogen content which improves the size and taste of fruit by encouraging stronger stem and leaf development. As a result, Westland Sulphate of Ammonia high concentration of Nitrogen prevents leaf yellowing and promotes greener leaves and plants.

Simply add a handful of the granular mix to the base of plants and shrubs and work into the soil. Water in well after application.

Apply from March to end of August, every 4 to 6 weeks.

Fast acting nitrogen feed
Box size:1.5kg
Cures leaf yellowing
Ready to use granules
Promotes lush, green, healthy foliage
Encourages strong leaf growth
Suitable for a range of fruit and vegetable plants
Suitable for use indoor and outdoor
Pet and child safe

Additional info
Always follow the directions on pack
Keep out of reach of children and pets
We recommend always wearing gloves when handling and using garden care products

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