Buzzy® House Plants Plant Pot + Aloe Vera Seeds


Pot with a diameter of 11.5 cm and a height of 11 cm.
Metal stand.
Equipped with a coconut tablet HP3880 10x10cm 1 liter
Inner packaging of seeds for houseplant – Aloe Vera

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Modern, playful and sleek. That is the Buzzy® House Plant pot. The indoor pot is finished with an art deco inspired pattern. A real eye-catcher for your interior. Your self-grown Aloe Vera stands out particularly well on the plant stand. The metal stand is very sturdy and the black color gives it a trendy look that fits into any interior.

Add 400ml of water to the coconut tablet and after 10 minutes you have about 1 liter of soil and the pot can be filled with this. The earth is nourished, sterile and therefore free of germs.
Sprinkle the seeds thinly on the potting soil and cover them with a thin layer of soil. Keep the soil moist. Place the pot in a light and warm place (approx. 20° C), for example on the windowsill.

Aloe Vera can be grown indoors all year round and is an easy, trendy plant that is easy to care for. Because the plant builds up a water supply in the leaves, this plant can go without water for a longer period of time. In summer, the Aloe can be placed on the terrace in full sun.

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