What is my dog ​​dreaming about?

What is he dreaming about? This question may have crossed your mind when your dog starts kicking his paws in his sleep. Is he dreaming about you or maybe that rabbit he was chasing this afternoon? Well .. that could just be!

Like humans, pets dream about things they experience during the day to help them get through their day. It is also very likely that your dog or cat dreams about you, about your face and smell. But also how they can irritate or make you happy.

Dogs are real sleepyheads

Dogs sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day. Often short naps during the day and deep sleeps at night. The deep sleep of a dog is very similar to that of a human, because the deep sleep of the dog also consists of phases. The most famous phase is REM sleep, Rapid Eye Movement. This is the phase in which you are most active and also in which you dream. In this phase it can happen that whiskers move, kick legs or maybe even bark.

Does a dog sometimes sleep badly?

A recent Hungarian study shows that dogs sleep worse when they are stressed. Just like us, they are worrying and can therefore not sleep well. For example, the test group was lovingly stroked by the owner one evening. The other night they were addressed by an intimidating strange person. The dogs who had a stressful situation before going to sleep woke up more easily and got into their REM sleep more difficult.

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Is it OK to wake a dreaming dog?

If you believe your dog is having a bad dream, it’s best not to disturb them—even though it may be tempting to wake them up and comfort them. It could take your pet a moment to realise that they are no longer asleep, and you don’t want to risk them lashing out as though still in the dream. Although it can feel distressing to watch your dog experience a bad dream, try to remember—it is just a dream!