Step into Comfort and Style with My Mat®

My Mat® is a comprehensive line of mats designed to redefine your daily experience. Created by the renowned brand Phoenox Textiles, My Mat® brings together the soothing comfort of carpets with a commitment to quality craftsmanship. Explore the unique features and benefits that make My Mat® the go-to choice for those seeking a perfect fusion of style and wellbeing.

Quality, durability and style combine to create a superb range of flooring products at an affordable price point.

The My Mat® range includes a wide variety of indoor and outdoor mats, indoor patterned mats, stain-resistant patterned mats, outdoor and coir mats. Each product in the range has been through an extensive research and development process, drawing on 8 decades of textile manufacturing knowledge. From the recycled plastic bottles we use in our extra-tough membranes, to our patented noise reduction coatings, every My Mat® product has been carefully designed to deliver exceptional value-for-money.

Reasons why My Mat® is the ultimate utility flooring range


Mats for every living situation


Most products washable at 30°C*

Wide Range

Contemporary & traditional designs

Recycled Content

Products are made with recycled materials