Orchid Care

The phalenopsis orchid is a common house plant with very long lasting flowers. These orchids come in various colours and patters. They are ideal in warm room. Blooming season for the phalenopsis last all year and bloom again several times a year.

So if you are fancy an orchid, have one already,here was you need to know:

– They like compact habit of growth.
– They make good indoor plants because they can tolerate the drier heat of central heating as well as being almost perpetually flowering.
– They do not have bulbs like other orchids but instead grow with fleshy leaves, new ones formed from the central crown.
– Place in a warm room with diffused light.
– Water sparingly from top but let the drainage system of the pot work efficiently
– These types of orchids like a some humidity but excess water may damage the roots.
– A clear pot is ideal so that monitoring the roots will be easier.
– The plant will continue to make more buds from the end of the stem, the flowers gradually opening in succession, giving an impressive show. Along the length of the main stem there are many eyes or nodes. Before all the flowers have died and the sap is still rising, cut the stem right off above the highest node. If it is not cut until the flowers have dropped then the stem may start to die back.
– They also produce a lot of aerial roots that come over the side of the pot as well as into the bark compost.
– Keep shaded form bright, direct summer sun as this can scorch the leaves. Give as much light as possible during the dull winter months.
– Keep the free-draining bark compost moist all the year round. When watering the plant, remove it from any cover pot or saucer, pour water through the pot and then let it drain before placing it back in a decorative planter.
– Never let the pot stand in water. Allow the compost to dry out slightly and the pot to become lighter before watering again. Avoid watering collecting in the crown of the plant as this can cause a rot.
– Add orchid fertilizer for nutrients.

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Orchid Care

The phalenopsis orchid is a common house plant with very long lasting flowers. These orchids come in various colours and patters.

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